Monday, January 31, 2011

WOAH..!I'm gone..!

I'm gone..!can you find me..?hoho..!somebody call my name please..!YES..!I'm truly missing from his heart..!whatever..I'm wishing him happily ever after with your life..!what..?as a girl, I can't show my weakness in front of everyone except my true friends..who is it..?yeah..!today I'll introduce y'll my besties ever..!

 [Farhana : a friend from I was 5!]
[Fatin Emilia : also my friend since I am 5!]
[Jannatul Syahira : besties and gossip girl!]
[Affa Zakaria : best girl to cry with..!]
[Azeaty : someone knows my heart feeling..]
[Izzaty Shaharina : someone full with story..!]
 [Ilham Alia : someone genius!]
and others..!hoho..!what..?it wasn't enough..?wants more..?alright..!take it all..!
[Ashraf Bazli : a friend that missing for a long time and come back..!]
[Izzad Izzuddin : a friend that I know because he is my teacher's son..]
[Soufi Moktar : my baby boo..!haha..!]
[Azli : best boy ever..!never find this anywhere..]
[Fuad : yeah..!handsome boy larh..!]
[Fikri Adib : memberrr..]
and others..!just too many friends to list on my blog..huahahahahaha..!so, need I cry for a person that never realize me in this world..?of course not..!hoho..!I have many people around me..why must I cry for a person that never love himself..?why must I cry for a person that always steal my friends from our class..?why must I cry because of a person like that..?give me 10 reasons darling..enough Chiyomella..its okay..thinking trouble is a troublemaker..avoid them or you will die..hoho..!nyte..!

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