Monday, January 31, 2011

XXL size !

everyone has their own problems..including me..but today, I would like to share about XXL size problem..maybe you will say "its easy to say but sick to through it..!"
guys, its okay about your size if you are healthy..why must we whack our self if you are comfort with your body..?for XXL size people, yes you must always confident with yourself! be confident and don't fill your head with what people around you talking about..just be the way you are..
here some photos for you from Jessa Bella : click here!

wants more..?click here! 
you can also ask her personal to this e-mail :
any question?check Jessa Bella's blog and go to the blog's foot page..there's some question and answer..!come on..!you can be a pretty woman with XXL size!

p/s : minimum size from Jessa Bella is L..if you feel not sure with your size, sent an email about your measure and Jessa will choose the best size for you!thanks reading![please rate]

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