Saturday, January 29, 2011

birthday party : AIMA

its a party guys..!huhu..actually, Aima's birthday on 10 January..but, her parents postpone her party on 29 January because he wants all his niece and nephew back home..Aima was two these year..!I think my post become boring from time to time right?I can feel that..its okay..I'll try to improve my performance from time to I repeating the same words..?haha!whatever..
some photos for you!
[me and my sister..]

[me after attacked by cream : cover from ugliness]

[the cake before cream war]

[my little brother with his love]
aik!where is the birthday girl..?you know Aima..I had put in her photo before this and I'll put the same photo now because she run from camera yesterday..huh!
[and I'm sorry..I didn't find it..]
its okay..!so what now..?my cousin, Zulfahmi came..after a month he stay in Malaysia, lives next village, and I came to his house for a few times, this is the first time I can see him eye by eye..huh!never mind..whatever laa Abang Emy..

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