Sunday, March 9, 2014

OPKIM : Operasi Khidmat Masyarakat

last week, I've been a program called OPKIM ..I've been called to join these program because I will change my campus from Seri Iskandar to Tapah, why shouldn't I gave them a service for 'khidmat masyarakat'
so, this time we went to Taiping
which there has a place called Rumah Sri Kenanga for old ladies and gents finish their life ..maybe ..
there are some criteria to enter and be a part of them ..
those criteria including, 
i- no relatives
ii- 60 years above
iii- Malaysian (any race)
and etc ..
how lucky I felt because I know there is no fun when you enter these place at all !!
they said lahh ..well, you know when you become older, you will act like babies ..
something wrong everywhere ..all the workers tried their best to served them but sometimes they will lose their patience since they also human being ..


Thursday, August 1, 2013

a day with him

A DAY.. it doesn't means 24 hours..
driving from Shah Alam, Selangor to Seri Iskandar, Perak need about 2 hours and half..
guess what?? he come to me :D
we're went to Teluk Batik Beach, Lumut

then we're riding boat together!!

see how happy I am?? :D I can't hide my smile a long this journey *shy*

then, we're broke our fast together at Medan Ikan Bakar nearby Marina Cove Resort, Lumut

with beautiful beach view and the smell of the sea

and what we're ate????
TARAAAA!! actually, I don't want shrimp in red.. I want SHRIMP with BUTTER! but, it's okay.. I'll ask that for another treat ;D

well, I ate the shrimp just after my loved cleaned it up for me..
Love You, Dear :)

#well, SalamRamadhan :D