Friday, January 21, 2011

thank speech..!

before I'm going to my bed, I really want to thanks to all my readers and follower..I don't know if you're following me privately..but, I want to thanks..thank you very much..!I love you all..!I really want to ask you, please, rate my blog..LOVE, LIKE or NOT BAD..if you're rating my blog, I can know which level that I'm..and, comment my blog if you have problems with my speech or my words..wrong sentence or whatever..please..and ask your friends to be my follower k..!I'm started to blogging in English since I saw my STATS..its not only the people in Malaysia reading my blog..but, my blog reader are come from United States, Indonesia, Denmark, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, India, Qatar and Georgia..?WOAH..!heyy you..!keep reading okeyh..!I really want to put the screen picture [STATS], but my PhotoScape can't work smoothly..maybe next time I'll show you okeyh..!thats all for now..!its 11.12 PM in Selangor, Malaysia..!bye..!

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