Saturday, January 22, 2011

pandan fragrance mystery..

I really don't know what happen was really happen to me..the story began on Saturday happen when the dusk happen since the I repeating the same sentences..?okay..when I lie down facing the cupboard, I looked at my umbrella..suddenly, it move slowly then, fell from the cupboard..!whats that..?I don't know what make the umbrella fall..
[this is my umbrella look like]

 that was the initial..then, my room become so aromatic with pandan smell..URGH..!when I ask my mom and my sister about this, they don't know anything..please help me..what actually happen to me..?the smell come last night..and I don't know what to do..huu..I just can ignore it all..I hope it does make anything worse in my life..pray for me..
[this is pandan leaves]

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