Friday, January 21, 2011

handball at school..!

today, 21 January school : SMK Banting [Selangor, Malaysia] has working on handball match..!and I was one of the team : Infinity Seven has do the best for us..but, its not our lucky..we're lost..we're using league a Sport Science student, I must know all this..haha..!okeyh..!here is the link rules on handball..
we only get two goals in two's okay..the most importance is, we're come from different class..!WOAH..!haha..!as usual, I have some pictures for you all to see..!enjoy them..!
[Atiqah Zulkifli]

[members of Infinity..]

[Kiela Kupet]

[me : Chiyomella and Alia]

[its Chiyomella under a tree..!]


[Chiyo..!how much picture you wanna snap..?!]

and some un-edited pictures..!
[Farhana and Chiyo : best friend ever..!]

[Yana Yen..]

[best fast drink ever : Chrysanthemum tea]

[Kupet in the middle]

[Shima ang Umairah]

[tired : Chiyo and Farhana]
thanks watching..!pye2..!

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