Friday, January 28, 2011

cross country..!

long time no update blog..hehe..miss me..?miss my broken English..?whatever..
yeah..picture above showing one of school program in Malaysia..cross, I had been running on this activity..the product is, I am the 17th pupils to arrive at the finish line for under 18 category..congratulation to me..!yeah..!I've got a trophy..a cheap trophy..but, it was too expensive to me..because I'd never can get this after school, I need to be the best in each activity that I join..!I'm gonna miss everything in the school..!but, not gonna missing the mouth that keep talking bad about me and the person that never realize about big change in my whole life..
please..shut your mouth..fikir lah hati dan perasaan orang lain..tutup lah apa yang dah lepas..tolong jangan dibangkitkan lagi..hati ini dah tak sanggup menerima kata2 yang menyakitkan..tolonglah..[lari tajuk..HAHA]
here a picture during the winners get their trophy..

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