Wednesday, February 16, 2011

road-road to Jusco, Bukit Tinggi

going to update later -little busy..sorry..
15 February 2011
photos for ya because you're really patient with my pack timetable..!
this is the place that my classmates called JJ, Bukit Tinggi..
 [game beside me]
[thats me-from left, Wafie, and Adeq]
 [again you can see]
 [beloved wedges RM37.90]
[my can see pixca above]
-shawl : RM5.00
-shirt : RM18.00[I'm not sure =p]
-cover hand : RM6.00
-long pants : RM5.00[bundle..HAHA!]
-wedges : RM37.90
 [donut! : BIG Apple]
[my food : Asam Laksa, Old Town White Coffee]
 [Adeq a.k.a Faiz]
and some edited photos..!

[love this!]
[me after went home ;)]
after my young brother and me went home, we're waiting for our parents coming home from Pekan Banting..they're buying some groceries..but, first I can see is a BICYCLE to my brother..!congrates Adeq!!
 but now, he lost his voice because of KARAOKE!
yeah!you can hear that they're shouting!and not singing..huh..poor my ears..HAHA!
and some notes for you'll!can you feel my blogs are fill with photos of me..?and some weird things..?I can feel it..actually, I didn't know what supposed I have to write..maybe you can give me idea by write it in Shoutbox of my blog!thanks..!and I'll try to find lot of info about your request..!
LOVE you!

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