Saturday, February 12, 2011

I-City, Shah Alam..

I-City, Shah Alam is the most place you have to go when you are at Selangor, Malaysia..
I went to that place last night..firstly, I didn't expecting that I will hangout to this place..with a family..not my real cousin's family..
 [I can't posing like a model]
 [that is!a big unnatural peacock]
 [touching the head]
entering Reptile's House!
 [alligator turtle]
 [snake and its tail..hissss..]
 [big snake.!]
 [you can see my shadow..]
 [try to kiss this!but I can't..!]
  [the cutest mom and her son : Naufal]
before we're going to I-City, we went to Klang to pick Naufal's dad from his sister's wasn't easy to caring a baby like Naufal..he keep crying because he didn't want anybody else except his mother..I'm trying to make him stop crying..we have to stop until two times..not much but it was long time to make him stop crying and shouting..for second time Naufal start crying after long break at R&R, I'm trying to coax him..and I did it..!congrates Chiyomella..!
so, I think I can't pass test of motherhood..!hoho..!
at midnight after road road in I-City, we had supper at DriveThrough McDonald's!!
Mc Chicken replacing my favorite..
Prosperity Beef..!hoho..!I love eating..!I love you with me..?

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