Wednesday, February 9, 2011

just Girls..

before I tell you bout my story, I want to say that I'm really angry because I can't open tonight..!!so, I decide to edit all my photos tomorrow..!
today, its all about girls..!gossip about our past time..!when we're 10, 11 and 12..yeah..!its long time ago..and there are so many story about betraying friends and small matter change to BiG problems then, break to be friends..we're just kid on that, we can't think maturely..
there's so many [repeating same words] letters..!fighting..!I hate you!I love you!but, there's no puppy love on the time..
-photos of letters collection-
 [thats my name]
 [crowded letters]
 [name of folder]
[front of me now]
I love it..!we're not filling up our mind with love..!but, just friends..
till when ever..!
 [love money : including me]
 [fatin and farhana]
 [happy girl : Izzaty]
 [unknown : Jannatul]
 [BFF forever..]
location : my house, on a place that always used for gossip..!haha..!my activity : jogging on this evening was canceled because of them..but, what can I say..?I love them like thye love me..!muahh..!love you all..!pye2..!

I love

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