Wednesday, February 9, 2011

form 5 challenges!

for last year going to school, I need to do everything lummy..because, I didn't want leave the school with bad name..I must hard to do everything..I must..!I don't want skipping class, tough job, break the rules[most I love to do actually] and etc..
I wanna be not best student but just good student after my severe case last year..I want to repay my parents sacrifice to me..
thats what I want this year..thats all..being the best among the best..and, I don't want to be an hypocrite girl..just with the way I am..I love to be myself..and last year, I'm trying to be another from me..I hate my act last year..and I swear, I won't repeat it again..forever and ever..
I hope theres somebody will accept me as his mate in his life..
for this time..
 someone that my friends and I called BOAR or male BEAR boldly speak to me that he is already fallen with me..whatever guys..!I don't want this male bear disturbing me during my last exam in my school..sorry Boar..I'll talk to you later about this..hmm..he is a little clever boy..I don't want talk much about you, Boar..haha..!
he did not know that I called him as Boar okeyh..!so, please..if you know who is it, keep this secret with me..byep!love you all..!

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