Monday, January 17, 2011

what happening last days..?

heyy y'll..!!long time no write..seriously I'm busy with exercise..!why..?maintaining my body laa..!hahahaha..!love it so much..there's little tired but, I'm scared you'll missing me if I'm one for long time..!today, I would like to tell you about something that I've never do before this..maybe I'm doing it..!but its not like this..!what..?I'm put make up on my eyes..!its not me..!but my aunt : SITI can find her at Facebook : Aytie Zam Mohd Yusof..I can't link it must find it yourself..!hahaha..!don't trust me she had putting heavy make up to me..?this is the proof..!
[in Mercedes Compressor]

[in room..the little blusher and eyeliner , mascara, shaped eye brow, contact lenses]
UGH..!thank Ummi..!lovely faced I am..huahahahaha..!okay, that baju kurung is XS on size..!let say WOAH..!Chiyo so cute..!yeah..!I know..!hahaha..! tired..!and I wanna show you my nephew pictures..!he is Naufal Hafiy..!

aiyoo..!so cute like me..!sorry..!I not edit yet..!if you wanna look these picture after edited, just find me at Facebook : Yana Err Chiyomella..specific name that can't have by other people..!pye2..!

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