Wednesday, January 19, 2011

its about him..!

Have I told you that I have cousin that well-known..?yeah..I have one..he is Zulfahmi, I'm here to telling you and sjow you in Zulfahmi's world in his hometown..Bukit Changgang, 42700 Banting, Selangor, Malaysia..
[collection beside the bed]
 [big screen television with astro service and iPod, laptop for relaxing mind]

[his dad's head there wearing songkok]

[helmet and clothes cupboard]
[mirror for handsome'ing' him self]

[gym ball..!playing this so fun!]

[green bed : i love it!]

[colorful curtain cheering yourself]

[fur soft]

[a fan, picture and colorful clock]

[window curtain from woody material]

[helmet collection]
[Aprilia that he get from Air Asia..WOAH!]

[perfume..!its only half of the bottle to him new..!]

[arrangement of his bedroom]

as you know that my blog already blocked to right click..!because I don't want Zulfahmi's privacy disturbed..!okayh..!this just for watching..if you wanna know some more, he painted his room by himself..yeah..!he is hard-working boy..where ever he is, when ever it is, whatever he do, we're here always praying the best for you..!okeyh..!next time, I'll show you all edited picture in my collection..thanks all..!pye2..!

[my feet and his gym ball!]

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