Friday, December 24, 2010

whats my dream..??

I'm a girl in a big dream..exclusive dream..expensive dream..huu..and I'll work hard to fulfill my dream..actually dreams..hahak..!bukan mata duitan..tapi inilah impian..hidup bersama kawan2..gembira dan riang..hidup senang, hati girang..wee..!!
[its a villa..I always dreaming on it..!living in it with friends and give one to my parents..]
[that was ferrari vs lamborghini..roar..hahak..!]
[its superbike..!product of BMW's..hehe..wish to have one..]
[need to have my own.. ;p]
[the most thing that I want in my life, going Makkah with my parents before I die before they go..only this dream is the most during the most..]

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