Monday, December 27, 2010

this is me..

time to stop 'facebook'ing is coming..!wahh..!time to study hard is coming to..!!need more time to holiday..!don't have feeling to go to school..[hate this feeling actually..]next year is the last year I'm wearing the white school uniform..!I'll miss all that..
why I hate going to the school?
1. just hate the hypocrite teachers..
2. hating all people that never respect someone feeling..
3. hating the problem that will coming from friends..
4. hating the tears when separation happen..
5. don't like to facing friends' coupling problems..
6. hate 'sambal' that drop to my uniform..
7. wet shoes and stoking..
8. none water in toilet..and others..
lalalalalala~whatever you want to say..this feel will regretting myself..I'll miss all this..I'll miss everyone in the school..I'll miss all the moment from the first time I'm going to that the one can replace all this moment..just loving them in the hostel..BBQ moments, dinner in hostel, going to canteen on night and through a secret ways, I get tick on my head, crying moments, laughing, screaming and singing in the toilet, have birthday celebration, painting water color on face, fighting and others..!and the best puppy love in form 3..form 4..?I'm a liar when I said he is the best couple..maybe yes..maybe not..what..?it just puppy love..if the boy[whomever] really want me, he need a big patience know that..who know me, they know that..hahahahahaha..!mercenary, materialistic, mischievous, keep nagging, love eating, freak, weird, strange, hard to understand myself, has high ambition..yeah..!thats me..!whatever.. ;)

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