Friday, December 31, 2010

Sekolah Kebangsaan Labohan Dagang..2006

ask me!am I missing my primary answer is YES..!when I'm going to my ex-school to send my baby brother to pre-school, I'm travelling to surrounding..found my teacher..she is a new teacher when I leaving the, I'm not too remember her name..but, she really remember my name..!Aeliyana kan..?yes, I am..!suka diingati orang lain..!
there's pixca that I've snap in my school..there's big changes in the school..!still lovin' it..!
[pre-school for my little brother]

[this class is my class when I was 7..]

[I'm sitting on this row with Adib..but there's little changes bout arrange of desk and chair]

[kelas kemahiran hidup..!]

[who thought that my school placed two cannon in it..its real cannon..our school is ex-war site..and ghost..!]

[the stage is too different..!opposite place..!]

[when I'm leaving this school, I'm 12 last studying in this school, this is my class..and there's a stage..but, everything changed..!]

[this is Block classroom in second floor when I was 10..]

[there's story about this corridor]

[new building when I was 12..and there's a new high building in front of this..]


EiL aLia said...

it's been quite sometime ever since my last visit to that school =.='

cuddly bear said...

come on..!visit here before u're sitting in examinate hall..!