Tuesday, December 28, 2010

anime and me..

actually had little stress..ouh want to know why..?it just a small matter..hahaha..I try to find a picture of anime..its about a girl waiting for some one under light beside the road..wanna know what I'v found..?its not too bad..but not too exact to what I looking for..
yeah..thats Sakura crying..why..?maybe some one that she's wait doesn't appears till the day becomes a rainy day..the weather know her heart..haha..![my English become worst..sorry..!]
maybe this picture can satisfied myself..a girl waiting on a swing under a light on the night..yeah..I keep wondering if I'm that girl, and someone come to me and cheering myself..come to me, but I never realize that 'someone' coming from a far place just to see me and pay his promises..lalalalalala~can't understand me..?ouh..its too hard to explained but I know you can understand isn't it..?
yeah..I'm someone like above..exited with nature and I'll forget about someone with me..so, unlucky you're if you be my lover..hahahahak..!
yeah..I hope I can have a gathering of all my beloved friends..!maybe in that picture, the happier one can describe myself..hehe..I'm a crazy person, over-excited person, little non-shame person..haha..!I love to do what ever I like.. ;p

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