Wednesday, December 29, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup..

woah..I'm watching football..! it AFF or FFA..?I don't know..what I know, Malaysia is a CHAMPION..!yeah..!Indonesia lost with aggregate 4-2..on the final football match, Indonesia scored 2..but, the luckiest will win..[come on singing..!]we are the champion my friend~..hahaha..!love it..!of course Indonesian felt disappointed..the match was held in Indonesia..I love Malaysia's goal keeper..our goalkeeper is Khairul Fahmi Che Mat..he is a very good keeper..!what..?I'm not lying okay..!
who wants to take him as their goalkeeper, please pay him a lot yaa..!!hahaha..
our striker, Mohd Safee Mohd Sali [is he our striker..?sorry, I don't know much about football..but I must write this..!]he is highest goal scorer in 2010 AFF Cup..yes..!he is totally Malaysian..and little interesting info, he's wearing number 10..the number of Malaysian legend in football, Mokhtar!
yeah..the number..its 10..!
other players in Malaysia's team..?
Mohamad Muslim..
Amri Yahya..
the other story about this, I want to tell you that I really love to see Bambang Pamungkas play football since I was 10..why..?he play in Selangor's team..and I remember when his short torn in final match..and the excident bringing luck..!Selangor win the FA Cup..!is it FA..?hahahak..!
yeah..look at him..does he look cute..?hahahak..!he had son..I don't know what his son's name..btw, I fan on him..!yeah..!
look at that..?know what..?20 is mine..!20 is my favorite number..why..?I was born on is hot..right..?thats why I've fallin' in love with Ferrari..they're hot..!

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