Monday, September 3, 2012

a little letter for you

dear my boy,
          I found out that we have known about 3 months ago. Knowing you just like an accident that I never thought these going to be happen. We're being together for 2 months, since 1 July 2012.
I just can't forget everything.

dear my boy,
          I admit that I fallen in love with you as I fallen in love with my study. well, yeah. It is pretty hard and difficult but, it is also fun. Actually, I got a request here. 
1. I don't want we being couple just like this.
2. please, propose me!! ---> this is the real request.
If you can't go through with your study, just quit and find a job. After that, propose me so we can be an official couple. Nobody going to disturb us later, right?

dear my boy, I hope you read this. Even it is too early for us but, it is better for a young couple like us :)

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Your Love....

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