Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday's hangout, yeah!

well, after get the license, we take the chance to hangout together.sharing money to fill up the tank.
1. enjoy the Sweet Heart Pizza!

well, just waiting for more relaxing part, we enjoyed the pizza together.
2. Ghost Rider 2 : Spirit of Vengeance

I wonder why three girls should have fun with this movie. well, not bad. 8 and half from 10. ngee
3. Capture some pictures. Just Putrajaya LakeSide.

and the best part is going home when you know that you're late but you have to face the best damn traffic jam ever!
4. Facing the traffic jam in the middle of working people.

well, maybe this 17 February 2012 is the part of my best day with friends in my life after long time no see.


EiL aLia said...

dah dapat license ke ? :D

Aeliyana Chiyomella said...

Member punyer license..ngee :D