Sunday, December 11, 2011

be strong, girl!

to the left, people talking about work..
to the right, work work and work..
to the front, money money money..
back to real position, I'm stuck and no's okay for me but it is very killing me inside..anymore I can do?I don't know..I have to try anything to avoid ask my parents for money..
I'm feeling like I'm grounded after making a big big big mistake. see? it was triple BIG.

yes mom. it not good for me if I'm rebel. so, what I got when my parents doesn't allow me work?
1. enjoy
2. enjoy
3. enjoy
4. karaoke
5. watching movie
6. enjoy long sleeping
7. enjoy screaming all day long
9. I think no number 9.
where is enjoy cleaning my parents' money?
ans : I'm not suppose to do that..
stop complaining and start to try something --> my mission those my friends who are enjoy their work, keep working. enjoy yourself. :')

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