Friday, August 19, 2011

so long..

so long we'din't meet..
so long we didn't talk each other..
so big I miss you..
but, how far you know about it?
here's some questions with the answers..
why I'm loving you? : because only you can make me feel better.
why I'm choosing you? : because loving you never make me careless in my study..
why must you although I know that is impossible you become mine?
the only answer is : you are perfect to me..although you have your own weakness, you look too perfect..loving you can't ever make me hurt..because I know you have the other girl in your keep on chasing her but you never realize that I'm beside you..waiting for you ever after..I'm okay with that because I never told you about this..I ashamed with my self..I know I not good with you..we have the large gap that separating us..but, it is okay than loving someone else that always front of my eyes but he keep hurting my heart, I chose to loving you that far from me..
sincerly : Yana Err Chiyomella*or someone you call me : adeq2..

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