Saturday, July 23, 2011

journey to the North

I'm going to the North because my mother's cousin had his wedding..
sorry because there's no pictures about the wedding..
but, I have the video of presentation in the wedding..check it out!

what I have just the pictures on the ferry and some pictures about those kids..
this place giving me a memory that I can't forget ever!it was happened on 2009 when my sister lost her control and fainted here..then, my brother and his cousin was disappeared and was found at Kassim Mustapha..Penang giving me so much unbelievable experience..

-excited face when going to the North- 
 -we're at Baling, Kedah-
 -the place that we choose to sleep over-
-wedding at PUSAT KESENIAN SETEMPAT? mother's uncle was made WAU and his wau had their value in international place-
 -after the wedding, we straight to Penang-
 -those kids are really tired-
 -see the Komtar?-
 -thats not TITANIC-
 -thats my mum, my lil brother and his cousin then, me :)-
 -with orange cap, my lil brother then the blue one is his cousin-
-tired already, going to sleep-
-a bottle of milk to sleep-
we reach home at 12.34 midnight..then, I woke up from my morning at 11.15 a.m..near to 12 hours!

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