Friday, June 17, 2011

PPT results

Bahasa Melayu = 55/C+
English = 74/A-
Mathematics = 70/A-
Additional Mathematics = 34/G
Sport Science = 40/E
History = 60/B
Geography = 71/A-
Islamic Education = 70/A-
Physics = 52/C
Chemistry = 55/C+
so, 4A-/1B/2C+/1C/1E/1G..
its not a good results..but, why I'm still wrote it?am I embarrassing my self?no~of course not..I'm wrote it because I want to tell y'll that I can make better than this..why I'm so sure by talking like that?just because I always wants more..hopefully, G no more~pray for me..for my TRIAL, and my SPM!my future then my LIFE!thanks for the pray~hoping that better from time to time..A~min...
thanks for all my teachers!

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