Sunday, April 17, 2011

gossip girl

yes!that my hobby..gossip with ladies that older than me, with someone in business and also with my friends..!I don't care story is about..just love to know what happen around me..hehe..
story about business, trouble in business and challenges so interesting!
with the ladies?of course about marriage, life as a wife and as mother to 10 children, experience on!unbelievable pain!
and the most thing, friends..someone that condemn me from behind also I call as friend..but, what they call for me?I don't know and I don't even cares because of what she talked about me, its not the truth..the truth is nothing!only people that really know who I am, can understand me..that is my perception but I'm 99% wrong!whatever~besides that, the most I like to know about friends is who are their couple?hahaha!I don't know why..but I love to that, I don't have to worry about me anymore because I'm not a girl that easily can be belong to anyone anymore..!!hahaha..!LOL!ermm..whatever~
I'm not talking about my goodness nor badness..just talking about who I am..haha!and, I always share my story with my mother and sister and aunts..just love to do that..pye2! 

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