Wednesday, February 2, 2011


-post today in Malay+broken English-
ada apa dengan cinta?I don't know..tell me post today is about the person around me that saying they're love me yourself first..hoho..!kenapa saya bercerita tentang cinta..?kerana sudah dua orang saya tolak pada tahun  ini..just because I'm not ready yet..and I think, loving each other that call 'couple' just add my trouble..
and..for me, who really love me and care about me, about me..jangan biarkan saya sesat dalam jalan yang tidak sepatutnya is true love.. =)
I know..its more than two boys are waiting for me..yeah!keep waiting..I can't give my answer now..if you dare to ask me to be your couple, why don't you facing with my father and ask about it..?!he will give me the best answer..!hohoho..!
whatever Chiyomella..!the important is I love everyone around me that always care about me..!thanks for care about me, guys..!and thanks to spending your time on my blog..!

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