Friday, February 4, 2011

De Fiffy Spa and Saloon..

on 1st February my sister and I going to a spa and saloon in our nearest town, Pekan Banting..with two workers and one big madame also as a worker too, so 2+1=3 workers, this spa and saloon is cheer and feminine..its all about pink..!
here some photo to all of you..!
going to upstairs with pink around you..

that is my sister

you can see Mama [blue in colour]

masker with gold powder..I'm not lying..

the products that only can buy from them

some decorations..!

so, what do you think about them..?it not just old lady will come to them..but teenagers like me can also come to their, come on..!relax your body..throw out your tension..!and be happy..!

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