Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Avatar : The Last Airbender

know what?first I saw this cartoon on tv, I don't think this good for me..but, after I watch it, I love it..!hoho..!last year when I'm watching on tv, but, I can't watch the last episode and I'm feel so disappointed..!and I'm waiting for next broadcasting..I'm in Malaysia, so any tvshow will on air lately and slowly..haha!can't u get me?
and I just watcing it this last minute..muahahaha!!I love Aang!!
for your information : I love someone that have serious face but always giving the sweetest smile to everyone around him..!I really don't care if he had tan tone skin..hehe..!
one more the character in this cartoon that I like is Zuko!
haha!don't ask me why I love someone like this..!I don't understand my taste!but, can you find someone to be by partner for my whole life?please give me someone that can be depends on..byep for now!!

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