Thursday, January 6, 2011

what your eyes need?

eyes is one of the most wonderful creatures that been created to human and other living..why don't you care of your eyes?your eyes is just one more eyes that can you replace with yours..some vitamins that you need to care you eyes is :
1. lutein and zeaxanthin : comes from green
 vegetables such as spinach.corn is also has these vitamins..
2. vitamin C : comes from
 oranges, berry, potato, and also green vegetables..try carrot..more red the color of carrot, more vitamin C in it!
3. selenium : comes from seafood and Brazil's nut..
4. zinc : come from wheat and nuts again..!
5. omega 3 fat acids : it is a kind of cold liquid that rich with EPA and DHA..
you can get it from mackerel, salmon, vegetable oil..

try to be smart of caring your eyes or you'll wear glasses like me..urghh..!need lots of money to stylish'ing' self..!huh..!be grateful with what you have okay..!

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