Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tiru Macam Saya..!-lets be like me[relaxing mind]

Pandanglah, lihatlah, Rupaku yang cantik dan rambutku yang ikal, marilah tuan-tuan dan nyonya Sama-samalah pandang perempuan yang cantik bikin hati goyang Pandanglah, lihatlah pinggang ku yang ramping dan dadaku yang bidang Inilah selalu menjadikan Orang hilanglah akal rumahtangga tak kekal Gilakan bayangkan Perempuan kalau tak pandai jaga badan suaminya tentu lekas menjadi bosan mengerbang rambut macam hantu dalam hutan suami memandang hampir pengsan Perempuan kalau sayangkan suaminya Pandang sini, hai tirulah seperti saya jaga bentuk, jaga kulit dan jaga rupa Senyum sayang kau berikan dia Pandanglah...lihatlah....tiru macam saya........[nyanyian Nona Asiah]

what I want to tell y'll bout this song..?its actually a song about a wife that should care her body, her skin, her hair and her face to make sure that her husband will not get another woman..I'm a student..for sure, I've lots of problems, pressure and homework..!what I need to vanish all that?some teenagers makes eating is the BEST way to vanishing their problems..suddenly, these kind of teenage will realize they had overweight problem..URGH!another stress coming..!

its not wrong to eat for relaxing yourself..but, you must not forget to get exercise every week..!I'm starting to jogging every two days..just for maintaining my weight..and for releasing all tension that coming in my mind..!why not you try it..?eat, still eating and exercise must do..!
what is the relationship about my speech and this song?heyy GIRLS..!wake up..!look at you..!its not how much pretty you are..its about how large your waist..!is that your waist distended..?or your thighs has excess fat?this is the right time to 
losing your weight..!

WHY?if you get married, and have babies, you'll not have time to shaping your body..so, now is the time for shape and after marriage, just maintain it..!easy if you hard-working person..!and I success to maintaining my weight under 45 kg..I've weigh these morning and I am 43 kg..!bravo Chiyomella..!

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