Monday, January 3, 2011

02.January.2011~pass computer test..

after first time I took computer test to get motor license and I'm failed color-blind test, lastly I get one more chance to take it again on Sunday..what a terrible time..its time to oversleep before school day..!and the test began..alhamdulillah..I'm pass my test eiyh 43/ need 42/50 correct answer to exited..but I need take MC on this Wednesday to go class before I can get my license..hoho..!exited laa..!
while waiting another student taking the test, I went lunch..!so hungry..!can't afford it anymore..!
laksa penang and fresh orange is always be my choice..!hahak..!thats all for this..!nyte..!


IzwanH said...

tahniah. anda akan mempunyai lesen memandu..

cuddly chiyo said...

terima kasih..!kerana ucapan tahniah dan kerana menjadi follower saya..!