Friday, July 9, 2010

heart failure

dont know what happen today..actually, abang pity of him..papa has to go IJN because his heart, i would like to share about heart failure with you!!

there are signs for this symptoms..its same for men or women..
so, be careful ya..
Fatigue – Feeling tired and weak all the time
Activities limited – Difficulty doing usual activities like carrying groceries
Chest congestion – Persistent cough
Edema or ankle swelling – Swollen ankles, feet, leg, and belly
Shortness of breath – Breathless while walking, sitting, or lying down flat

Other symptoms of heart failure include:

  • sudden weight gain – more than 2 pounds in 1 day or 5 pounds in 1 week
  • bulging of the veins in the neck
  • chest pain
  • a racing heartbeat
Common Heart Failure Symptoms & Their Causes
Shortness of breathBlood returning to the heart backs up. This causes fluid to leak into the lungs, making it harder for you to breathe.
Wheezing or persistent coughWhen fluid leaks into the lungs, it often causes a cough—the lungs’ way of trying to remove the fluid. Some people also have wheezing that mimics asthma.
Swollen ankles, legs, feet or bellyBecause the heart isn’t pumping effectively, blood and fluid collects around the body. Gravity causes much of this fluid to collect in the feet, ankles, and legs.
Fatigue, tirednessBecause the heart isn’t pumping out enough blood to the body, blood is rationed out first to the most vital organs (the heart and brain); all other organs have to work with a shortage of blood. Without enough oxygen-rich blood, the body tires easily.
Increased heart rateThe heart beats faster so that it can compensate for its weaker pumping ability.
Weight gainThe buildup of excess fluid can cause sudden increase in weight.
Lack of appetiteFluid backs up in the liver, causing the liver to enlarge to such an extent that the stomach can’t expand much. This makes you feel full after eating small amounts of food.
Nighttime urinationAs the blood is pulled away from your kidneys during the day to be used by other organs and tissues, less urine is produced. When you lie down at night, the kidneys get more blood and produce more urine. Some medications used to treat high blood pressure may also increase your urine output.

If I have been diagnosed with heart failure, what symptoms should I watch for?

Call 9-1-1 if you have:

  • Chest pain that lasts longer than 15 minutes and is not relieved with rest or 3 tablets of nitroglycerin
  • Fainted or lost consciousness
  • Severe, constant shortness of breath

The following symptoms should be taken very seriously and reported to your doctor immediately. They may be signs that your heart failure is getting worse.

  • Increasing shortness of breath while resting or doing simple tasks like dressing yourself
  • Waking up frequently in the middle of the night short of breath
  • Racing heart that makes you feel dizzy
  • Growing more tired and weak
  • Progressive swelling in your belly or pain in your stomach
  • Losing your appetite
  • Coughing up blood-tinged phlegm
  • Increased swelling in your limbs
  • Rapid weight gain (for example, 5 or more pounds in 1 week)
many people in Malaysia not realize they have heart failure because this disease only felt if they are in level 3 from 4 hard to save..but if you really2 care about urself, you can be saved!!everything happen has an Allah never give 'bala/malapetaka' yang hambanya x mampu untuk diselesaikan..that all are test for life..doa is the bestest way for everyone..
level 3 is critical level..your chest will bigger and tulang rusuk pon boleh hilang dari pandangan jika anda tergolong dalam orang2 kurus..then, ur body will feel so weak and difficult to breath because the blood can't reach to heart to pump to all part of body..
always cough-ing is a sign..the sign that u can't realize that u have a critical disease..and don't worry because this ill not berjangkit to each other..

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